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All registered events being held between March 1st through May 31st are eligible for FREE work gloves, safety vests, and trash bags (courtesy of PennDOT, PA DEP, and Glad Products Company) while supplies last.

Members of the Pennsylvania Waste Industries Association and other landfill owners, along with the PA DEP, have graciously donated landfill space for trash collected during the cleanup.  Please note that reduced or free landfill space is available between April 18th through May 8th.  Everyone who registers an event for the Great American Cleanup of PA will be given access to a list of services and supplies available in their area. As a reminder, there is no free tire disposal for the Great American Cleanup of PA. To properly dispose of your tires, the PA DEP website has a list of all permitted tire recyclers and processors. Click here for this list.

  • When organizing your cleanup, please remember to plan for proper disposal of any electronics that are found. The Covered Device Recycling Act (Act 108 of 2010) bans many covered devices from landfills. For information on local recycling options for these items, please visit the, contact your local recycling coordinator or call the Electronics Recycling Hotline at  1-800-346-4242.
  • Community Cleanup Days events held for residents to clean out their households are not eligible for the free or reduced disposal through Pick It Up PA Days.
  • Please be aware that the spring gobbler hunting season runs statewide from April 29th to May 31st and the youth spring gobbler day is April 22nd